Is Your Honey Pure?

Honey vs "Honey"

Let's talk about why the purity of honey matters, how some honey is being adulterated and what you can do to make sure you're buying the real thing.Pure Honey VS Adulterated Honey

Why Purity Matters

Honey is a natural product made when bees collect nectar from flowers and bring it back to their hive. The trips they make to collect the nectar result in the pollination of plants which makes them one of the most important animals for the environment. And while humans have been consuming honey for thousands of years, the true purpose of honey is to feed the bees that make it. Ethical beekeepers only collect the surplus of honey, and allow the bees to feed on the product they've worked so hard to produce.

So how can honey end up adulterated? Some honey sellers add an extra sweetener to dilute the pure honey increasing the amount to in turn increase their profit. Some examples of these sweetener additives include honeydew, glucose, dextrose, molasses, sugar or sugar syrup. The dilution of the pure honey means you will benefit substantially less from the natural health benefits of the honey. 

How to Know if Your Honey is Pure

The adulteration of honey is a huge problem in the industry and testing methods have been implemented to combat the issue. The best way to know if they honey you're buying is pure is to research the company selling it. Traceability is the number one way to confirm authenticity. Does the seller buy the honey or produce it themselves? If they buy wholesale honey do they know what apiaries they are buying from? Can they provide details on the beekeepers they work with? These are a few of the questions you should be asking when you consider what honey to buy. 

Fool's Gold Honey is Purity You Can Trust

Fool's Gold Honey is Always Pure

Being owned and operated by passionate beekeepers, Fool's Gold Honey has always been committed to bringing you 100% pure, raw honey. We produce a certain percentage of our honey ourselves (and that amount is increasing every year as you continue to support the growth of our apiary!) and we only source additional honey from beekeepers we know and trust in the area. Fool's Gold Honey has been putting bees above profit since our launch and we will continue to do that, no matter how much we grow. Saying we offer quality you can trust isn't a tagline, it's a genuine promise that means something to us as a company but also as human beings. The importance of bees for the benefit of the environment can't be overstated. 

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