Holiday Gift Giving Guide for the Honey Lover
Holiday Gathering for 2023

It's that time of year when we all start planning how we'll spend the holidays, or at least thinking about how we should start planning while procrastinating heavily. Meals must be thought out, travel plans arranged and presents purchased.

It can be stressful to take on the holiday season but it shouldn't have to be! Read on for our top picks for gifts for the honey lover.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets often get a bad rep but hear us out. Creating your own custom gift basket for someone on your list is a thoughtful way to show you know and care about their fav foods. You don't need to go the route of dried meats and aged cheese and your "basket" doesn't actually have to be a basket. Think high end gift box or something that they can reuse like a wooden cutting board. Stack the gifts on top with some simple cellophane wrapping and a bow. Add items that are unique to your recipient. Are they a candy fanatic? Curate candy that you know they'll love and consider buying candy from overseas that they may have not tried. It gives them the satisfaction of a well known favorite and the excitement of a new experience. Do they enjoy spending their Fridays nights drinking? Create a gift basket with mini bottles of booze, a cocktail recipe book and our Rum, Bourbon and Cinnamon Whiskey Infused Honey flavors. It's something they can interact with after receiving and maybe they'll even invite you over to try out new drinks.

Boozy Honey Flavors for the Cocktail Lover on your List

Baking Set

We all have that friend who loves anything and everything baking related. When they're not binging the Great British Bake Off on Netflix they're in the kitchen creating new recipes for delicious baked treats. If you know their style and preference for kitchen ware why not give them a high quality baking pan or a beautiful ceramic baking dish and fill it with a hand written recipe card, a baking tool you know they'll love (rolling pin, spatula etc) and our Lavender Infused Honey. It's the perfect balance of sweet and complex floral to elevate lemon poppy seeds muffins or some swiss meringue buttercream. It's also really great in a cup of hot green tea.

Coffee Lovers

Even if you can't afford to give them the espresso machine of their dreams you can still bring some caffeinated joy into their life with a coffee lovers gift set. Pro Tip: Avoid mugs. No one wants another mug as a gift unless it's made from gold and full of puppies. What you can gift to them is a cold brew maker, a milk frother and our Espresso Infused Honey. This covers hot lattes, iced coffee and they can drizzle our honey onto desserts, in their coffee or straight into their mouth. Yes, it's that good.

Coffee Lovers Honey Gift Set Ideas for Holiday 2023

Ultimate Honey Lovers Gift Set.

Know someone who loves honey so much they use it everyday? Add it to meals, drinks and eat it by the spoonful? Bathe in it? Maybe that person is you. We're not judging. In fact we love to celebrate honey just as much because it's a naturally delicious and healthful food that's incredibly versatile and never expires. It's easy to love. So what do we suggest for the Ultimate Honey Lover? A complete set of every one of our infusion flavors as well as our classic Southern Wildflower honey (Fun Fact: Our Southern Wildflower honey serves as the base for all of our infusion flavors.)

Honey Lovers Gift Set

Lavender Honey
Spicy Pepper Honey
Cinnamon Whiskey Infused Honey
Rum Infused Buckwheat Honey
Ginger Honey
CBD Honey
Bourbon Honey
Espresso Honey
Southern Wildflower Honey
Elderberry Honey

SAVE 20% when you add one of each of the above flavors to your cart for the ultimate honey lovers gift. Use coupon code: HONEYLOVERS

Offer expires 12/31/2023. Cannot be combined with any other offers. 

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